Agm Fuzion Tm25-384 Thermal Mono Blk


AGM Global Vision Fuzion LRF TM25-384, Thermal Imaging and CMOS Monocular, Built in Range Finder, 2.5x-20x Magnification, 12 Micron, 384×288 (50 Hz), 25mm Lens, Black 3142451304FM21

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The AGM Fuzion LRF Handheld Thermal & Optical Bi-spectrum Monocular is equipped with 12m high sensitivity thermal detector” ultra-low light optical detector” 1024×768 OLED display and eyepiece with a large field of view. The device can quickly detect hiding objects even under extreme environments such as smoke” fog” rain” snow” etc. It can be widely applied to scenarios including patrol” search and rescue” drug interdiction” and suspect apprehension.

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