Agm Pvs 14 3Al3 Gen 3 Grn Phosp Blk


AGM Global Vision PVS-14 3AL3, Night Vision Monocular, 1X Magnification, Gen 3, Auto Gated, P43 Green Phosphor IIT, Black 11P14123483131

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The AGM PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular is a rugged” lightweight” multi-purpose night vision device that has repeatedly proven itself in combat. The PVS-14 design was originally commissioned by the United States Military to enable nighttime operations. This monocular is used globally in some of the most challenging environments. The PVS-14 can be used as a handheld device” or mounted on the included head harness. With the proper accessories” it can also be mounted to combat helmets” providing night vision capabilities to daytime optical sights. The PVS-14 monocular conforms to 810G Military standards and demonstrates the highest quality form and function.