12-Gauge Muzzle Bang/Launching Cartridge Round


The 1210 12-Gauge Muzzle Bang / Launching Cartridge incorporates an opaque shell and utilizes black powder as the propellant. It has the ability to be used alone as a Muzzle Bang for crowd management or for propelling grenades when using the 1370 Launching Cup.

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The 12-Gauge Muzzle Bang / Launching Cartridge used alone produces 170 dB of sound output. It is designed to be aimed at the floor or wall at a 45° angle. This round should not be direct fired at personnel. It is used as a crowd management tool by law enforcement and corrections in crowd control situations as a means of warning, intimidation or diversion. It may be deployed in the air over crowds or to the side for dissuading movement in a given direction. It may also be deployed to the far side of buildings to divert the attention away from an approach or entry

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