Kestrel Drop D3 Temp/Hum/Pressure Tn


Kestrel Drop D3 Ballistics, Wireless Data Logger (Temperature, humidity & Pressure), Desert Tan Finish 0730TAN

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Kestrel DROPs are small” rugged” and accurate environmental data loggers. The Kestrel Drop D1 targets many markets including Transportation” Agriculture” Firefighting” Facilities Management” Medical” Pharmaceutical” Consumer and others. With made in the USA quality standards and durability from NK” manufactures of Kestrel Meters” the applications are endless. From measuring environmental data during cargo transport to conditions in the field for military training to feeling secure about the climate conditions in any room” shipped box” cargo” trailer” freight container” to as simple as a room in your home or office building” you are able to measure all of these conditions even when you’re physically not there.