AR Elite Range Box


Must have for any .223cal/5.56mm AR owner Cleans bore, chamber, locking lugs, BCG and more Includes Breech-to-Muzzle gear and Ripcord for bore cleaning Portable cleaning kit included for compact field use Sight adjustment tool for front sight post General maintenance tools such as AP Brushes, gun cloth and gun towel 3 pack

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For the AR owner who has it all, the AR Elite Range Box is the gun cleaning kit that has it all – and more for AR-15 style rifles. This universal gun cleaning kit provides proper Breech-to-Muzzle cleaning for AR-15 style rifles plus all the tools you need to pick, scrape and clean caked on carbon and fouling from the bore, bolt carrier group, chamber, star chamber/locking lugs and more. Properly make site adjustments and keep your optics clean too. Breakdown your ARs safely without fear of marring with the included bench block. This comprehensive range box includes .223cal/5.56mm gear: MSR/AR Cleaning Kit, B.O.N.E. Tool, Star Chamber Cleaning Tool and replacement pads (50), extra bore brushes & mops, Ripcord, All Purpose brush pack, microfiber gun cloth, microfiber gun towel pack, sight adjustment tool, lens cleaning kit, extra patches and Shooter’s Choice FP-10 Lubricant Elite CLP. Made in the USA, it includes over 40 components plus 100 patches all contained in a portable range box that doubles as a gun vice for stability while cleaning.