Master Gunsmith 277 Piece Screw Kit


Includes: #6-48 Fillister Head (7 different lengths) #6-48 Oval Head (7 different lengths) #8-40 Fillister head (3 different lengths) #8-40 Oval head (3 different lengths) #6-48 Plug Screws #8-40 Plug Screws #10-32 Plug Screws

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SKU: LY03054 Categories: , GTIN: 034337030546 MPN: 03054 Brand: UPC: 34337030546


The ideal companion to the Master Gunsmith Screw Driver Set. This new 277 piece kit is for the firearms owner and gunsmith. This set contains 12 each of 23 different ”hard to find” screws that fit common applications in many guns. Screws are contained in handy storage kit and the kit includes tweezers. Any shooter focused on repairing their own guns should own the Master Gunsmith 277 Piece Screw Kit. This kit comes with a wide selection of small gun screws for all your gunsmithing needs.

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