Sabre New User Kit


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Sabre’s Pepper Spray Kit includes two canisters–a 3-In-1 self-defense and a practice canister. The 3-In-1 self-defense canister features a mixture of red pepper spray, CS tear gas and invisible UV dye to tag suspects for future identification. The ergonomic, sleek case is fitted with finger grips and a quick-release key ring for immediate accessibility. The practice canister, packed with water, is a valuable addition to the kit. Learn how to quickly protect yourself without the risk of injury to yourself or loved ones from harmful irritants. The canisters shoot in a ballistic-style stream pattern up to 10 feet. Each canister is equipped to shoot up to 25 bursts. With a four-year shelf life, your kit will provide the assurance you want and serve as the safeguard you need.