Torrent Tdt Direct Thd Mnt Ss 1/2X28


Torrent Suppressors TDT, Direct Thread Mount, 1/2X28 Thread, Matte Finish, Black TDT1-2X28

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TDT Torrent Ti Direct Thread adapter is for suppressors threaded 1.375×24 TPI. Perfect for the Torrent X Series line. This is ideal for Form 1 builders or people looking for a strong” lightweight direct thread solution for popular brand models. TDT Stainless Direct Thread Mount to compliment the X Series line and enable customers to have a simple affordable mounting option. Because Torrent wants to promote modularity and provide alternative mounting solutions for customers using existing industry-leading sound suppressor technology” these modular sound suppressors are designed to take industry-standard 1.375-24 TPI suppressor mounting options.