Umx Hk Mp7 .177 Break Barrel 490 Fps


Umarex MP7, Break Barrel, C02 Air Rifle, 177 Pellet, 490 Feet Per Second, Matte Finish, Black, Synthetic Stock, Includes Axeon Red Dot Sight 2252312

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There’s no mistaking the unique and highly identifiable Heckler & Koch MP7 profile and for the first time” Umarex Airguns is offering it to you in a break barrel .177 caliber pellet configuration. Extremely compact and easy to use” the MP7 Break Barrel shoots .177 caliber pellets at 490 FPS and is compact enough for use by smaller shooters. The barrel features a faux suppressor that works as a cocking aid and the air rifle is equipped with a collapsible wire stock.