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What customers are saying...

Andy W

I want to thank you for the exceptional service on my recent purchase of magazines for my hand gun. You took my mistake and with no cost to me received the incorrect product and replaced it with the correct ones. I work in retail and compare customer service in every business that i visit or work with. At times it seems that good customer service is dead but you demonstrate the opposite. I wanted to leave a comment on your website but there was no place i could find to do it. Again, many thanks.

Scott T
Training Officer

Jenn at 911 Network,

Thank you for your assistance with our order of the new Taser holsters for our officers. Deployed in service last week!



first time buying my replacement ammo from your website. Order arrived today and was perfect! Will be back for next rounds. God Bless, Frank

Lydia B

Ordered a pair of boots for my son serving USMC. Boots arrived and he's pleased as punch with his new boots. Thank you!


Scott L

Saw your ad on google when looking for a new holster for my taser and decided to give you folks a try. Holster arrived yesterday and is exactly what I ordered and the config I wanted. I will be back! Thx. Scott

William G

...uh yeah, just a quick comment on my order. Arrived today and was perfect. Wud have left 5 star but waiting 10 days for my package a bit longer than some, but ok and will order from 911 again...Bill

Sean P

...thanks again for the quick delivery and exceeding my expectations and my first order with your company.

Gloria t

Hi Jennifer - just a quick note that my order arrived today and was perfect! Thank you for the excellent service and delivering personal protection and safety to my doorstep!

George T

Great buying experience and finally found reliable source for Zero9 holsters. Holster arrived correct and on time. Much appreciated!

Stay safe!


Nancy W
Recent Customer

To 911network - My tannerite gender reveal boom box was a real party favorite! Family went nuts when they saw the pink plume blast with joy! Just glad it arrived in time to announce our baby girl 🙂

Greg M
Training Officer

Our depts first time ordering from 911 Network. Our sets of external body protectors arrived last week. Thank you for the prompt delivery!


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