Aker Leather 268 Flatside Paddle Xr17 Thumb Break Holster


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Our approach to this popular holster genre is extra comfortable because it’s flat on one side! Using our special method, the FlatSiderPaddle XR17 is molded in fine leather to fit one’s handgun with 100% of the holster pocket formed away from the body. No other holster can boast of this feature. All the performance features of the XR12 but now with a paddle back for easy removal from the waistband area. The Air-FloPaddle incorporates dual retention barbs to help hold the holster in position for maximum concealment. The thumb break configuration is backed up by an adjustable tension screw that does double duty as a trigger guard stop. Inside the holster is a full-length molded sight channel and the special dual-plane muzzle is suited to both standard and shortened barrels.

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