Zero9 Baton Case / RCB


Made in the USA Designed by Cops for Cops Ruggedized, minimalist design

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Ruggedized case for Peacekeeper brand of collapsible baton (RCB) and will keep your baton secure and where you need it. Using the Tek-Lok, the Zero9 baton case can be mounted to belts (from 1” to 2.25” duty belts) at several different angles and using the Molle-Lok it can be mounted to molle vests, molle bags, backpacks etc. You can dial in your preferred retention with your RCB baton using the included baton retention device. The Zero9 baton case will allow for carrying the baton with the tip up or tip down. Adjustable retention lanyard included. Not compatible with the ASP/Monadnock batons.